Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sacrifice and Giving up...

"people who have sacrificed things for love, have never given up in their lives..
but they who can not sacrifice for love have already given up living.... " 

 I wrote this quote after talking to a friend. It was all about letting a person go if that person doesn't want to be with you. We talked about people who have let go their love. Even though it is killing them inside. Here I'm going to tell about two stories about two girls.

 In first story there was this girl. There was a boy too as usual. They were best friends. At least girl thought they are. They shared their tears and laughter.. sadness and happiness.. most of everything.As we all know, when there is a friendship between a girl and a boy, one is starting love the other. Girl fall in love with her friend. But boy had someone else in his dream world.

I stop this story from here and now going to the second story.

It is much similar to the first. There is a girl and there is a boy too. They shared their thoughts. Whenever girl is sad, she talked to her friend. Whenever she is happy, she talked to him. Whenever she disappointed, she talked to him. Most if time what she did was talking to him. He listen to her all the time. Made her feels she is special. Again law of the nature proved it self. Girl fell in love with her friend. But her friend doesn't feel the same way.

Till now both stories are same. But from now it going to be change.

In first story girl couldn't bear that she is going to loose her love. She told to her self ' don't give up, but fight for it' . She doesn't want to give up on love. Like Celine Dion says ' Don't give up on the faith, love come to those who believe it'. So she start fighting for love. She screamed to the world and said she loves him. Violence was her companion. a heart filled with love began to fill with hatred. A place where kindness has grown, jealousy has seeded. Her friend went away from her. He couldn't bear her hatred. She was all alone by her self. 

In second story when the boy said he doesn't feel for her, she cried a lot. All alone. She didn't share anything with anyone. she start bearing everything inside her. It was very hard. It kills her inside but she didn't give up. She cried day and night. She refuse her meals. But at one point she understood if he doesn't feel it, he doesn't. no-one can say its wrong. She made up her mind. First love was there in her heart but then love start dancing. She makes her self free from ties. She start juts loving. 

Everything is all about never give up. Two girls. Same story. Both didn't want to give up. But where did one go wrong? 
It is where misunderstanding of life and love. There is a famous saying ' If you love someone let him/her free, if he/she returns love is yours..if he/she never returns it never was yours'.One girl didn't want to give up love and the other girl doesn't want to give up in her life.  One girl never recognize sacrifice in love for her lover's smile. The other girl sacrifice her love to see her lover's smile. One girl gave up on her life but the other never give up in her life. From one point two similar stories went into completely tow different direction depending on two concepts. Sacrificing and giving up. Concepts are there but one should know to apply the concept where it is applicable. To finish the story I chose another quote 'Love is not a decision, it is a feeling'

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  1. Wow... Fantastic thoughts dear friend. Keep on writing. Nice set of words can change the world...

  2. I've been reading this now. Good one red.! Keep going ahead.

  3. Dear Red
    all what you are complaining about boys . The same thing can happen in a boy's life also . If you love someone then it is not necessary to love him/her back . It is like that we all love roses but how many roses do know the case ? Still you love roses. After all love is a feeling . And one must differentiate a physical attraction and love too. Wise can feel the love and share it with whom he loves . Hope you will like this one . But the feeling of first love is totally different . The lucky one gets the chance .and the writeup was so nice . keep rocking.

  4. Thank you for your comment.. but I never complain about boys. you are a boy's life also this can happen.. i wrote about two girls because that was what I familiar with. but all i wanted to tell is not about boys or girls.. but about sacrifice that sometimes we have to make in love. :) Again thanx for the comment. Cheers!!!


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