Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Veronika finally found it.. did you??

i just finished reading another amazing book of Paulo Coelho's. It's "Veronika decides to die". That books makes you think thousand times about the life that you are living now. Veronika is a young girl who has a good job, a place to stay and she is pretty.. but something tells her that her life has no meaning so she decides it's her time to die. she decided to commit suicide but that was not the plan that god had for her. she failed her attempt to kill her self and she was taken in to a mental hospital. That's where she found the meaning of life and that's where she finally learnt what is to be living..

Living is not merely breathing or following the same routine. we think that there is only one person living inside us but that's not true. There are thousand of Red Riding Hoods living inside me. One is shy. One is furious. One love to take challenges. One wants to dance. but the problem is we are afraid to do what we want because we are afraid that other people will find us mad.

There is a mad person living inside all of us. That mad man wants to try new things. He doesn't care about boundaries. But people has make their own pattern or a same routine and they just don't want to step out side of that in order to feel the real world. The reality can be different from one person to another. One's reality is not another's reality. One's reality can be a fantasy to another. but yet a fantasy can be a reality.

Maybe I sound like someone in a mental hospital. That's the magic of living. Remember one day you will have no more tomorrows. One day you will not wake up and you have no idea when that could be.
Veronika wanted to kill her self. But then she suddenly realize that she has not lived for the past 20 years but merely existing. Then doctor said to her that she only have one week left because her heart has been damaged so badly. She sets her mind to die and then she starts to live for the one last time. The difference is this time only she is not been merely breathing and existing but living. She do things without bothering what other people would think. She do things she has never tried before. She starts to live and then she realize she has wasted her life for nothing.

One day you will feel the same. That's why it is important to live as you are living for the one last time. One day you will not be here to do things that you wanted to do in your whole life. live the life to the fullest. Veronika finally found the peace and the meaning of life. Did you???

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