Sunday, July 31, 2011

නිහඬවම නික්ම යමි.....

නොකියමි මගෙ සිත
රතු රෝස මලෙකැයි
නමුදු තැලෙන සැටි
දන්නෙ මා පමණයි
නොසිතා නුඹ කියනා
නුඹේ ඒ වදනින්....
සිතට පිවිසුණු
සොඳුරු ඒ හැඟුම්
නොදැමුනු අසුන් සේ
දිව යයි සිත පුරා
නොඅයදිමි ස්නේහය
දෙන්න බැරි නම් නුඹට....
ජීවිතේ කිසිදිනක
නොදැණුනු ලෙසකින්
අසරණයි මා
නුඹෙන් සිත මුදවන්න
නොහැකිව ලතවෙනා...
ඔබ දෙස බලා
හඬන්නට බැරි නිසා
සිනසෙමි ලොවට මම
හදේ දොර ගුළු දමා
මිතුරුකම සිත තුලේ
ආලයක් වු නිසා
යළි මිතුරුකමටම
පෙරලන්න බැරි නිසා
දුරයන්න සිතුවා මම
මගේ සිත දැඩි කරන්
නොලැබෙනා නුඹ දිහා
බලා ඉන්න බැරි නිසා
මා සිටින වගක් වත්
නුඹට නොදැනෙන නිසා
නිහඬවම නික්ම යමි
අයිති නැති විජිතයෙන්.....

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Acceptance will make it soft.

"Reality can be harsh sometimes..but we all have to accept it. "

This is the law of the nature. There can be moments where we all feel we are falling down. We all feel reality is stabbing us right into our hearts. When that moment comes the past feels like a dream which never happened. when reality comes to a point where it is hard to bear some goes mad while some say good bye to their lives. But life is not a simple thing to let go like that. We all have to fight for our lives. Realty can be harsh but we all have to accept it. And then we have to fight.

Reality is truth but it can create an illusion like we will never be able to get up again. But once you accept the reality you will see the illusion lying in the middle of it. Like my friend Eona Smit says 'Acceptance will soften it'. Once you accept the fact the way it is, it will soften the harshness in reality. Don't hesitate to accept the reality. It is not harsh as much as we think but can be a strength to get up again. :) cheers!!!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sacrifice and Giving up...

"people who have sacrificed things for love, have never given up in their lives..
but they who can not sacrifice for love have already given up living.... " 

 I wrote this quote after talking to a friend. It was all about letting a person go if that person doesn't want to be with you. We talked about people who have let go their love. Even though it is killing them inside. Here I'm going to tell about two stories about two girls.

 In first story there was this girl. There was a boy too as usual. They were best friends. At least girl thought they are. They shared their tears and laughter.. sadness and happiness.. most of everything.As we all know, when there is a friendship between a girl and a boy, one is starting love the other. Girl fall in love with her friend. But boy had someone else in his dream world.

I stop this story from here and now going to the second story.

It is much similar to the first. There is a girl and there is a boy too. They shared their thoughts. Whenever girl is sad, she talked to her friend. Whenever she is happy, she talked to him. Whenever she disappointed, she talked to him. Most if time what she did was talking to him. He listen to her all the time. Made her feels she is special. Again law of the nature proved it self. Girl fell in love with her friend. But her friend doesn't feel the same way.

Till now both stories are same. But from now it going to be change.

In first story girl couldn't bear that she is going to loose her love. She told to her self ' don't give up, but fight for it' . She doesn't want to give up on love. Like Celine Dion says ' Don't give up on the faith, love come to those who believe it'. So she start fighting for love. She screamed to the world and said she loves him. Violence was her companion. a heart filled with love began to fill with hatred. A place where kindness has grown, jealousy has seeded. Her friend went away from her. He couldn't bear her hatred. She was all alone by her self. 

In second story when the boy said he doesn't feel for her, she cried a lot. All alone. She didn't share anything with anyone. she start bearing everything inside her. It was very hard. It kills her inside but she didn't give up. She cried day and night. She refuse her meals. But at one point she understood if he doesn't feel it, he doesn't. no-one can say its wrong. She made up her mind. First love was there in her heart but then love start dancing. She makes her self free from ties. She start juts loving. 

Everything is all about never give up. Two girls. Same story. Both didn't want to give up. But where did one go wrong? 
It is where misunderstanding of life and love. There is a famous saying ' If you love someone let him/her free, if he/she returns love is yours..if he/she never returns it never was yours'.One girl didn't want to give up love and the other girl doesn't want to give up in her life.  One girl never recognize sacrifice in love for her lover's smile. The other girl sacrifice her love to see her lover's smile. One girl gave up on her life but the other never give up in her life. From one point two similar stories went into completely tow different direction depending on two concepts. Sacrificing and giving up. Concepts are there but one should know to apply the concept where it is applicable. To finish the story I chose another quote 'Love is not a decision, it is a feeling'

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

I respect you..!!

First I love you
I love you madly...
you were in my eyes
you were in my heart
but if anyone asked
why did I love you
I love you..that's all
no answer to give.......

then one day..
you shattered my dreams
you destroyed my hopes
you made me cry
In heaven I have no room
I cried a lot
I hate you a lot...

but at the sametime
started to grow faith
started to grow trust
started to grow love
started to grow tender
in my heart......

lifted me up from hell
but step by step
grow my dreams in heart
but like a growing plant
build my love in life
but like a mountain which takes time
you showed me
how the soft wind
become the gale...
and the gale become
the soft wind again...

and then I saw something
you are teaching me...
minute by minute...
I found out the value of love
minute by minute...
I found out the colour of love
minute by minute...
I found out the dissapontment of love
minute by minute...
I found out your love towards me...

again I love you....
I love you with all my soul
first I only love you...
but now I respect you...
I know why I love you....
I love you with senses...
I respect you.......!

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Romeo will lie on the hill...

On the top of the hill
Romeo was alone...
he looked forward
to see running Juliet...
Juliet was no more
running to him...
The Prince of death
has married to Juliet...
on the top of the hill
Romeo was alone...
flowers lay on the ground
were ready to mourn
birds on the hill
were sang sorrowful songs...
on the top of the hill
Romeo was alone...
the sword was shined..
Romeo saw the life...
on the top of the hill
Romeo lay down...
the sword was shined in red...
the tragedy was over..
Was the tragedy over ???
Romeo born again
met his Juliet again..
But again...
Romeo was alone
on the top of the hill...
until the people give up
narrow boundries of love
on the top of the hill
Romeo will remain lie down
the tragedy will remain...

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Still I'm next to you..

When I first met your eyes
in a middle of a town
I saw nothing else
but only your eyes....
people were passing us
we were standing on a street
I know you saw nothing
but only my smile...
we both drown in love
we tried to shoot the moon
we walked on a rainbow
to find the gold pot
we heard nothing in the world
but only the wispers of love
we saw nothing in the world
but only the colour of love
we both drown in love

But while the days passing...
our eyes opened to world
we saw something in the world
not only the colour of love
we heard something in the world
not only the wispers of love
our love began to fade
we didn't know how
until the day arrive...

Our love faded away....
you don't want to go
neither I, But we
selected our own ways
still I'm in next to you
thinking how it will be in tomorrow
we will walk on different paths
tomorrow will be a new start
still I'm in next to you
thinking how will be my life
we will find a new life
tomorrow will not be just a day
still I'm in next to you...

Still I'm in next to you
thinking how did it happens....
still I'm in next to you
thinking can't we mend it again...
still I'm in next to you
thinking are we still in love....
still I'm in next to you
thinking if tomorrow never comes...

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Half light

I'm sitting in the half light
thinking of you....
thinking of you
who promised me to come
but who never comes
I still can feel you
inside of me
sorrowful memories make me feel
I'm not alone in my life
I'm trying to image your face
which I have never seen
I'm trying to hear your voice
which I have never heard
I'm trying to think you are in by my side
which is never going to be
I still can feel you
inside of me
that makes me feel
you will come again
but my heart know
you have gone, will never return
I'm sitting in the half light
thinking of you
I hoped you will fill
the empty spaces in my life
I thought you will make come true
shattered dreams in my life
my dreams were buried with you
my hopes were flown away with you
when  you were inside me
I got the courage which never had
but now I lost all my courage
I have no courage to face to the world...
the god sent you to me
to complete my broken life
The god took you back
maybe I'm not deserve completeness.....
I still can feel you
inside of my body
I have been a prisoner
inside the memories of nine months
I don't have day and night
only the half light in my life
you have depart secretly......
No I'm not losing my hope
you can't go like this
you can't go without saying
good bye to your mom
I'm still having a hope
you will come at least in a dream
I'm still dreaming to see your smile
I still believe you are inside me
and someday you will come
the feeling you are inside me
giving me the light to live
I'm sitting in the half light
thinking you will come....

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you were walking on this path_
when I first met you_
tears were rolling from you eyes_
broken heart was on your hands_

I hold my hand to grab your tears_
I asked to mend the broken heart_
You looked puzzled but,_
you let me to hold your hands_

you gave your broken heart to me_
I kept it in my soul safely_
I hold your hands and
walked with you silently_

Your tears are safe on my hands_
no more tears rolling again_
your heart is safe in my soul_
no-one going to break it again_

you are walking on this path_
but never you are going to be alone_
now you can look back anytime-
the path is filled with butterflies_

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