Sunday, June 21, 2015

~Cried myself to sleep~

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Can't let them see my tears
can't let them see my pain
have to put on a brave face
strong and bright all day
So I cried myself to sleep

Can't say I miss you a lot
can't say I need you here
have to say "I don't care"
smiling confidently all day
so I cried myself to sleep

Can't walk away from this
can't stand alone still
have to move on with my life
alone but bravely all day
so I cried myself to sleep

world doesn't know how much
you will never know how much
even I don't know how much
that I love you in my heart
so I cried myself to sleep....

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

To feel.. To be free...

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I wanna sleep on soft white sand
at mid-night in the beach
listen to the sound of lonely waves
to feel the night breeze

I wanna lie on the green grass
at the top of a mountain hill
watch busy bees and butterflies
to feel the warmth of sun

I wanna swim in the blue lake
like a mermaid in a tale
play hide and seek under the sea
peek through the mysterious veil

I wanna be free and fly away
like a bird in the large sky
to free my soul from my body
and to fade away in light

Will I ever be free to fly?
Will I ever be free to sleep?
Will I ever be free to feel
the love that I wanna feel....

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

~I can't let you go~

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I want to hold you close
so you wouldn't get hurt
protect you from cold
and keep your heart warm...

I want to stay next to you
when you fall asleep
protect you from bad dreams
and let you sleep on my arms...

I want to walk with you
hand in hand together
protect you from piercing wind
and give strength to walk...

I want to hold your hand
say everything is alright
protect you from falling apart
and never let you cry...

I don't want to let you go
even, I'm not there anymore
I'll always be by your side
even, you don't see me anymore..

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