Sunday, April 20, 2014

~Lady in the Painting~

It was a perfect evening. Last rays of sun were shining upon the waves. Sea was calm and beautiful. He said to himself. Walking on the beach in the evening was his favorite thing. Watching the sunset while listening to the bells from the abandoned church on the hill. It was abandoned year ago but still bells are making noises to the wind. It was a sound of happiness and sadness at the same time. Jingles coming from a faraway place told a happy story but they were coming from a forgotten place which made it sad.

This evening was supposed to be a usual one. Just like other days he was going to take a walk on the beach. After the sunset go back to his little cabin and lit the candle. Eat some bread with cheese he bought from the market other day. Drink some wine or brandy if it’s a cold night. Play the violin a bit and go to a long sleep till the sun comes with a new day.

Destiny works in a mysterious way. Sometimes some things that you have been waiting for comes in an unexpected time and sometimes you didn't even know that you have been waiting for that thing until it arrives. This day was all about unexpected surprise that he had been waiting for his whole life.

It looked like a piece of paper first. Just a piece of paper. He was not going pick it up and then he was curious.

It was painting of a lady. Black silky hair fallen on to shoulder length. Dark long eye borrows with big round brown eyes. Pointy face with thick lips and a small nose.

“A fine looking lady.” He said to himself. Without thinking too much he put it into his pocket and walked away.

Sun was almost gone when he turned to go to his cabin. Had his small dinner and took his violin to play  That’s when he remembered about the picture in his pocket.

He took it out and looked at it from candle light. She looked young. Could be nineteen or twenty maximum  She must be from a good family, but fine ladies don’t keep their hair on loose like this. He was thinking.

Specially they wouldn't pose for a painting with hair on loose.

"It is just a painting." said to himself. But he doesn't put it in the pocket. He doesn't throw it away. He kept it on the chair next to him and played his violin. If someone saw that, they would think he was playing for her. But he said, he is playing for himself. Playing for night.

Sun came with a new day. But unlike other days sun rays bothered him on that day. He wanted to sleep more. He doesn't get a good sleep at that night. He was tired. It never happened before. He was proud always about being an early bird.

He dreamed all night. He has to many different dreams. Dreams on beach. Dreams at valleys. Dreams in his cabin. Dreams at some places where he doesn't know. But all the dreams had one thing in common. She was there. Lady in the painting. She was alive. Walking, talking and laughing. He felt so much alive in those dreams. He wanted to sleep more so could dream more.

But he had to wake up. Reality is not a dream. He washed himself and went to village for world. He was fine gardener. He is usually good at what he was doing. Whole village praised his work and said he was the best. But on that day he was a different man. He trimmed a bush which was about to bloom. Watered roses twice and if his fellow doesn't notice him doing so he would have done it to the third time as well.

All he could think was going home soon. It was like someone was waiting for him at home  Of course there was. She. She was waiting for him.

Days became months, months became years. Everybody noticed his changes. He was no longer the free lad but a man. A matured man. He aged quickly. His hair turned grey. There were winkles and dark spots around his eyes. He soon looked old to his age. But there were two things that became younger and brighter day by day.

His eyes and her. His eyes became more and more bright. It was like he was seeing someone getting close to him as the days was passing by. He dreamed every night. Slowly she took over his day too. He gave up fighting the feeling thought he wasn't so sure what it was.

She became more and more beautiful. Her eyes became bright too. Those were like stars first but later they were like burning suns. He felt the warmth and beauty.

He came from work that day. He felt a difference. He felt her presence in his cabin. This time it wasn't like she was a painting. But as a real person. A breathing living soul. He could swear that he heard the sound of her gown sweeping the floor. He felt a small breeze just like she was quickly passing him. When he was making a sandwich, when he was eating, when he was playing the violin, he felt her warmth next to him. It was like she was sitting next to him.

That night he dreamed again. He was on the beach. Sun was setting. Sea looked golden. Times was still  World was still. Everything was calm and quiet. But beautiful. She came to him. Hugged him tightly. Kissed him on lips and whispered to his ears.

“Let’s go. It’s time.”

It was the first time she spoke to him or the first time he heard her voice. It was calm like song.

He took her hand. She guided him to the golden sea. She held him close to her. They walked and walked until they disappear in golden water. Last rays of sun vanished from the earth as they disappear in sea.

Next day sun came with a new morning. But he was in deep sleep. He had a smile on his face. It was like he finally found peace.

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